Friday, 4 October 2013

Iambic Panto-Meter

Peter Pan, Cinderella
Snow White and her 7 fellas
Don’t look back
Here comes Jack
Chased by Mother Goose.
Aladdin charges in
Lost Boys on the loose.
Puss in Boots, wears sharp suits
Wendy is his moll
Panto dames with bad girl names
Beauty’s ‘Such a doll’.
In comes Dick
Needs a chick
Hits on Tinkerbell
Hook and Smee in harmony
Singing to Adele.
Panto horse, gone off course
Head goes for a fag
Butt on phone, has a moan
Hates to be the nag.
Tommy Cat in a hat
Sitting on the floor
Buttons weeps, Beauty sleeps
Breaks into a snore.
Babe all woody, wearing hoody
Steals Whittingtons stick
Nana growls, Alice howls
Croc begins to tick.
Panto mania, all insania
Action soon to come
Book it now, for price of cow
A Giant amount of fun!

© Ruth Morrison 2013