The PantoMum family and Reviews

The blog has only recently been open to hosting Reviews. As the blog writer of the family, my Policy on Reviews is that if we have the inclination, and the product fits with our family and the ethos of the PantoMum blog, then we will take the time to voice our opinions.  At present the blog does not host Sponsored Posts, but I am willing to be approached if you are willing to let me write the post in keeping with the blog.  

All sponsored posts will be marked as so. A disclosure statement will always be included at the end of each post if something has been received in order to complete the Review. Any links, or content on the blog that does not contain a disclosure statement has been written by myself and means that I have not received anything in exchange for the post. 

In order to give you an idea of what we as a family would be willing to review, and to save any time wasting on yours and our parts, please see below.

If we are all clear where we stand, we'd love you to get in contact, and in the meantime here's the PantoMum family!

Eldest Son

Aged 15, and standing tall at over 6ft 2, he is one of the youngest in his school year (UK Y11).  A natural athlete and keen rower, he represents his year in rugby, cricket, athletics and rowing. In the middle of  GCSE's,  he relaxes by watching TV or playing the xBox. He is happy to give his informed opinions on sports related items.

Middle Son

Aged 13 (UK Y8), he is a typical middle child - savvy, knows what he can get away with, a leader amongst his classmates and sets the trends. A keen sportsman, he is particularly good at football, athletics and basketball, and is ok at cricket too, and has represented district and county in several disciplines.  He is our go-to IT boffin, and will always find a way round any problem, and the appropriate gadget to help.  He is happy to investigate clothing and Teen gadgets.

Little Man

Aged 10 (UK Y5) , he is a keen actor and dancer, with particular ability in tap dancing. He is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and has the confidence to give anything a go.  He also has a particular passion for machinery and how things work - from coffee machines to washing machines, he is normally the first to discover the eject button... He is happy to have a look at anything 'arty', 'crafty' or 'machiney' (the last with the help of Mum).


Aged 45, he is my long suffering husband, who enjoys nothing more than a pint in the sunshine.  Couple that rare occasion with watching the boys at their various activities, and he is in heaven. He does the DIY decorating in the house, and is normally found swearing at my latest flat pack purchase or covered in paint which I can't touch as apparently I don't 'cut in' properly. Due to our manic weekends, we are lucky enough through the nature of our jobs to be able to take a highly treasured few hours together during the week for a child free catch up, and which normally involves lunch out. He is happy to give his views on anything that involves food, real ale or countryside walks (preferably all together).

Me, PantoMum

Aged 46, I am conscious of hurtling towards middle age (all right, maybe I am already, but I don't feel it) and the fact that apart from one of the cats, I am the only female presence in our family.  I love cooking, and crisps, and wine - in any order, although the results can be mixed. Fairly low maintenance in terms of clothing and beauty routines, I will admit to being a hair chameleon with constantly changing colours ever since I discovered dye at 17.  I have absolutely no idea what my real colour is, and no intention of finding out.  I am also a sucker for beauty products for sensitive skin, the more 'natural' the better, although I do not object to science giving a hand.  A keen walker, I am the Alpha Female to a very active young Border Collie cross, and two bad tempered cats.  Am pretty open to reviewing anything, as long as it fits with my family, my blog ethos of blunt honesty and my time.

That's us!  You can contact me directly via email on or on Twitter @ruthym007  Please send me an initial email before any links to products to be reviewed, as my firewall settings are quite high due to spam.  Any spammers will be dealt with bluntly and concisely.

Many thanks!