Friday, 7 August 2015

Teenage Holiday

It’s like midday, it’s teenage o’clock
OMG tripping, am I wicked or wot?
Washing up, still piled high in the sink,
What do you mean, didn’t I stop and think?
The dishwasher’s full, duh, you know it’s clean
Empty it? What on earth do you mean?
Pasta? You’re joking? To start the day, just mad!
I’ll have cereal first so it won’t be so bad
Yeah I’ll come shopping, you can buy me some gear
Just wait a minute, I’m not finished here
I need a shower, do Facebook, and gel up my hair
Get dressed in some rad clothes so people don’t stare
Text mates to tell them what I’m going to do
Search under several piles to find a missing shoe
Oh God does the bruv have to come as well
Shopping with him is my idea of hell
Whaddya mean? It’s what you say and I’ve got no choice?
I’m practically a man, and I have a voice
I can make a stand, I know what to do
Yeah I know you’re busy – can’t you see I am too?!
Ok, I can see you’re angry, I’m sorry, I’ll come
Just give me ten minutes and… 
I love you mum!