Monday, 4 November 2013


There’s a stir in the air,
a shuffle in the leaves
There’s wind in our hair
and creaking in the eaves
There’s rain on the roads
and puddles for our shoes
But everything’s stopped. 
Have you heard the news?
There’s a whisper in the town,
a small clear voice
There’s the sound of a song,
with girls and boys
There’s a big purple billboard,
there’s a script, everything
There’s swashbuckling, fire,
and a very rich king
There’s a love interest,
some Pirates, a very bad Rat
A Fairy, some kiddies
and a Dancing Cat
The pace is upbeat,
not long til the show
There’s chaos ahead
(for those in the know)
There’s lines to be learned,
outfits to choose
Songs to be sung
and no time to lose
Fireworks to be lit,
Sets to be made,
Christmas lights switches,
joining the parade
There’s a shuffle in the leaves,
a stir in the air
It’s Fleet’s first ever Panto!
Will You be there?