Monday, 18 November 2013

Sibling Rivalry

There’s something about a baddie.  Usually you love to hate them, or their background story is so entangled that you realise why they are bad and forgive them for it – until of course the time comes when you have to choose between good and evil and the goodie comes up trumps.  I still can’t watch Star Wars and not feel sorry for the heavy breathing villain that is Darth Vader, and how many people mourned the death of Dirty Den in EastEnders, sighed when Jaws plunged to his death in James Bond, or secretly envied Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada?   It goes without saying that a good baddie makes or breaks a story…

But what happens when the baddie is your sibling?  When the ying and yang jar against the forces of dark and light, black and white, bad and good? When the evil twin is a reality?

This has to be tough – those of us lucky enough to share our childhoods with siblings know that it take compromise, humour and at times a whole lot of soul searching to live together in harmony.  And for most of us, we manage to muddle along okay, and discover the benefits once grown up.  But for those where it doesn’t work, it can be catastrophic.

Imagine a blonde bombshell who is clever, good minded, pretty and kind and her dark haired, mean spirited, jealous, bitter and twisted twin sister. Imagine then that the blonde gets the man that they are both after.  Imagine the fall out.  Imagine a situation in which the wronged and wrong sister vows to wreak revenge, and havoc ensues involving kids, cats, rats, pirates and a very good looking man. Imagine if it was taking place right under your noses.

No, it’s not the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle.  No, it’s not I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  It’s not even the Ten O’Clock News with Huw Edwards winking at you (yes, all right…I'm putting it out there, along with my Colin Firth fantasy…)

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It’s big, it’s bad and it’s incredibly compulsive viewing.  As I said, everyone loves a good baddie.  She swishes, she snarls, she’s mean, she’s Queen.  

And she’s on her way…