Sunday, 2 March 2014

Teenage Hood

Mummy, where’s my hoodie?
Have you seen my phone?
What’s going on today?
Can I have a loan?
Is there breakfast somewhere?
Is it already cooked?
What do you mean, my hoodies' here?
Of course I looked!

Muuum, can you help with Maths?
Its due in tomoz
Why should you help me?
Just because…
Hey Ma, watcha doing?
There’s sport on the other side
Where’s the remote control you say?
The battery’s gone and died.

Oh and the cat’s been sick
The dog has done a wee
I’ve remembered that my friend called
And said he’ll stay for tea.
And the letter, that was on the side
Was it important? Only I
Spattered it with bacon fat
That I was trying to fry.

I've got no clothes that I can wear
What do you mean, why?
Just look in my wardrobe!
There's nothing Superdry!
My shoes don't fit, 
I've grown again
My waist size Boys
My feet size Men.

Mum, I can't remember everything
Your exams weren't as hard as mine
And no, I don't believe your brain
Has atrophied with wine.
Huh? Wait till I’m as old as you
And have kids of my own?
I’ll bring them here, to my old Mum
They’ll be with you, at home!

Why are you laughing? 
What’s the news?
What do you mean Retirement Cruise?
Who’s gonna find my missing shoes?
Or anything else I lose?

OK Mum, I get the gist
I understand your view
Now if you could find my phone
I really would love you!