Thursday, 27 March 2014

Three Little Letters

Three little letters that mean so much
Soft spoken words, a tender touch
A smile to chase tears on a sorrowful day
A note to face fears when you’re far away
The laugh that says it will be all right
The way the darkness dissolves in the light
Magic roast dinners, sumptuous pud
Heavy table, laden with food
Washing hanging in the summer breeze
The hot swish of ironing, flattening ease
Holidays long, and so filled with fun
Days crowded with friends, playing in the sun
Baths running, hot water soaked with bubbles
Soothing away all those kiddie troubles
A hug, the warmth, the story at night
A last blown kiss before turning out the light
Kids getting older, the love doesn’t jade
Arguments, blow ups, smiles do not fade
Advice, oft ignored ‘til realization dawns
Staying up worrying, stifling yawns
Becoming a grandmother, the gentle pride
A baby who won’t leave her childs side
The swell in her heart as the first words come
Three little letters, it’s simply

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