Friday, 25 April 2014

Alternative Nursery Rhyme (From the pov of a P*** Off Mum)

Rain rain, Go away,
Go find someplace else to play
The air is damp, my hair’s gone lank
I’ve had enough of showers today.

Off out with doggie,
In holes wet and boggy
Tried not to drown, you chucking down
I’ve had enough of being soggy.

Running fast every place
Makeup streaking down my face
It’s utterly grim, when cold sets in
I’ve had enough, give us some space.

I’ve no idea if I’m here or there
Crickets on or off, too much to bear
Summer's here, so disappear
I’ve had enough, it isn’t fair.

Kids games down, with flooded grounds
Emails cancelling, doing the rounds
Grumpy mums, kids twiddle thumbs
I’ve had enough disappointed sounds.

And while I’m at it, tell the snow
It’s not welcome either, go, go, go!
It’s unfunny, when it’s not sunny
I’ve had enough, so just F* O*!