Thursday, 10 April 2014

Life's a Beach

We’re off to the beach today!
A chance to dig in the sand and play
We’ve sandals, towels and lots of fleeces
Mum’s packed a bag of bits and pieces
The dog’s excited, and so are we
Wind in our faces, running free
Jumping waves, trying not to get wet
Getting drenched, just for a bet
Fish and chips, shiny chins
Ice cream melting into grins
Play and fetch, bat and ball
Running in circles til we fall
Mummies chattering as we hide
In the dunes far and wide
Roly polies down the hill
No chances here of keeping still
Boys will be boys, not little men
Children playing once again
Rounders, dog chasing the ball
Mummies red faced, panting all
Sand on shoes, and sand on faces
(Sand in all the other places...)
Tired doggie, all puffed out
Tired boys, all whispered shouts
Sleeping lions, in the car
Back home to bed, not so far.
Waves we leave at our goodbye
Still crashing in a lullaby
Sleeping over with our friends
Just how a good day always ends
Mind and body still a sway
We went to the beach today!

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