Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ode to Half Term (from a Mum's POV)

The phone rings once more, from the Teen
Stuck at a station, no train to be seen
Tween sits, Skull Candy on his head
Lost in YouTube, no more to be said.
Little Man plays Lego, designing a Kart
Gets all frustrated, doesn’t know where to start.

Iron hissing at me, amongst washing piles
Mountains of paper, ready for files
Rain lashing outside on a down day
Nothing planned, just rest and play
Sports over, for a few halcyon hours
Cancelled again in the interminable showers.

Tween argues with young bro, he’s all fired up
Little Man hits him with a thrown plastic cup
Mummy intervention, settles down with a book
Tween shoots his brother an evil look.
Smells of cooking wafting in the air
Coaxing knackered Teen out of his lair.

All sit around the table, chattering starts
Hilarity abounding as one of them farts
Bundling off after, full of food energy
Arguing and hugging, I look at those three.
A little bit frustrated they’ve crashed back into my day
Protected by term time, it’s hard to hold sway.

To be constantly at their beck and call
Taxi mum, cook, nursemaid to them all
But each half term we discover something new
About each other, a confidence too
What’s in, who’s out and planning ahead
Times that are not ruled by homework and bed.

Kids will be kids and they laugh at the screen
No hidden agendas, Little Man, Tween and Teen
I wash up and look forward to wine o'clock
As I tot up the changes in my unruly flock
And knowing that too soon, it will disappear fast
 A time to be treasured, building memories to last.